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Grow Your Business Around the Globe


Our Business

Aranti Capital Company Limited was established in 2015 in Hong Kong with the intent to engage in the trading of physical commodities in the international marketplace.

Aranti Capital acts as a manager and facilitator to vet then marry able, willing suppliers and buyers around the world, whilst also acting itself as both ends physical buyer and seller of a diverse matrix of products. We also offer professional investment and financial services to both buyers and sellers to achieve their best deals. Meanwhile, we provide professional management and consultation service to our regular clients around the globe to grow their business.

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Our Creed

To establish a significant presence in the industry of physical commodity trading by operating with core values of Integrity, Trust, and Reliability. Aranti Capital forges long-term trade partnerships and accepts full accountability for delivering on its commitments to all parties integral to our business model.


Our Mission

We provide our experience and expertise to reward our clients with the most cost-effective and innovative solutions, surpassing their expectations and mitigating their risk. We deliver products and services to our international buyers and sellers with consistency and reliability.


LNG and Oil

Metals and Minerals

Grains and Fertilizers

Frozen Meat

Our Product

Medial Supplies and Equipment

Advanced Machinery


  Our Investment and Management

We offer professional investment service for both our buyers and sellers to facilitate them achieving the transactions of the deal in physical commodity trade as well as risk management options for those transactions. We also offer our experience and expertise for our clients to invest in those areas which will secure their future business and grow their wealth. Meanwhile, we are delighted to offer management consultant service to our clients to grow their business in their specific areas of strength.

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